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... you are attacked by a level 5 zombie! [01 Nov 2005|05:08pm]

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... possible fall back locations [27 Oct 2005|09:25am]

I think the government building on May street looks a very secure building, in the event that we are in that side of town

The Pros

-Two entrances
-Front, can be barricaded
-Back can be welded, forced shut (magnetic Keycard activated)
-High windows, all ground level windows have bars/can be reinforced
-There is more than one floor and plenty of space
-Can be fortified quickly

The Cons

-No supply of food, gasoline, or ammunition
-Downtown, near bus terminal, chruches, and city center
-Wrong side of town
-Large windows on top floors (easy detection)

I'ma get some pictures of it, if I can get my hands on a camera, I plan to make a portfolio of suitable buildings ... but it'll take awhile if it's just me in this.
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Flaming Zombies = Bad [09 Oct 2005|02:43am]

Yes, yes it's true. Not only will you have a corpse coming at you, it will also be on fire.

Burn it after it's dead, perhaps a different story.

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uninfected [24 Sep 2005|05:00pm]

My name is Paul. I'm a fan of zombie flicks.

Um. That's about it, really.

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Friends! Romans! [24 Sep 2005|03:02pm]

Hello my name is Kazz, and I hate zombies. I am doing the layout for this community which is currently crappy and has not yet been completed.

Lets make this community amazing so no one can say we didnt do our part when it comes to zombie prepardness.

Also lets perhaps join a gun association together. I know nothing about that procedure maybe Kori the moderator can fill us in.

Also lets plan our zombie prepardness party so that we may make an actual plan.

I think its important, and if your in this community you think so to.

Or are a big follower face that thought the idea was cool.

Godamn you.

Im rambling.

Love kazz *uninfected*
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The First Shot [23 Sep 2005|05:04pm]


You've reached the community dedicated to discussing and planning around a zombie attack! Were're here to discuss zombies in general, weapons, fortifications, and survival issues based around a world filled with zombies. Anyone who's got an intrest in zombies can post, on approval, and I hope we can gather a large community dedicated to discussing this threat!

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